About Me

Hello, I’ll introduce myself.
I am GayCookie, and this is my personal blog where I share things that I find interesting.
This can range from personal experiences to tutorials on topics that I enjoy.
So be warned, there’s a lot of GayCookie-ness if you continue reading. 🤭


In a street hidden somewhere in The Netherlands, I was safely born at home in 1994.
From a very early age, I had an interest in computers and anything with a screen.
With parents who were among the first in the street to have a computer and internet,
I quickly found myself behind a computer, learning how the internet worked.

As I grew older, I found a book explaining HTML in a box and wondered what this was all about.
So, I asked my parents if I could read it, and when I started reading, I was initially very confused,
but after a few hours, points began to connect in my head, and that’s where my whole adventure began.

Passions and Interests

Over time, I’ve come to know various programming languages and fell in love with JavaScript and TypeScript.
I’m also a huge fan of binge-watching TV shows and movies when I’m not gaming.
At home, I have an amazing and sometimes annoying cat (Noa) and an adorable, nibble-prone rabbit (Trouble) running around.
If I’m not at home, I’m probably outside walking and taking photos.

Personal Experiences

Over time, I’ve experienced a lot, many things that have shaped me in good and bad ways,
But like everyone, I also make mistakes and have to learn from them.
And I believe that as long as you learn from them, it’s okay to make mistakes.
I might even share some of the experiences I’ve had in my life on here.

Future Plans

It would be amazing to learn 3D printing and also create models to print myself.
I’m also interested in learning to design, print, and cut stickers.
Furthermore, I’d love to create my own language model for AI purposes.

My goal for the blog is to keep it up-to-date and ad-free,
I find the latter very important, especially because I really dislike ads on websites.
I would also like to try to write and publish at least one post every month.

Contact Information

Do you have questions or comments, or are you just interested in a friendly chat?
You can find me on various online platforms such as the Fediverse and Discord.