Review: CIDOO ABM066

I’ve been in possession of a CIDOO ABM066 ergonomic Alice layout keyboard for a few months now.
During this time, the ABM066 has left a considerable impression, though not necessarily a positive one.

My First Alice-layout Keyboard

This is my first time using an Alice-layout keyboard, and I am extremely satisfied with it.
Especially in the beginning, I had the urge to look at my fingers while typing, which is not something I’m used to.
It takes some getting used to if you are new to this layout, but you adapt quickly.

Ergonomic Aspect

The posture I have to adopt with my shoulders and arms has improved, especially since I am claustrophobic, making it pleasant.
However, as much as I want to label the ABM066 as an ergonomic keyboard, I do notice that it’s not entirely the case.
I sometimes experience strange cramps in my fingers because I have to make unique combinations that I wouldn’t normally make.
This is mainly because the Alice layout has fewer keys, requiring more FN combinations.

Customization and QMK

The ABM066 is well-suited for customization, but there’s a catch.
Despite the VIA definitions file stating “VIA/QMK,” it is not QMK compatible, which is quite inconvenient.
Since the ABM066 is neither QMK compatible nor open-source, you can’t flash it yourself.
This, in itself, is a real deal-breaker and one of the reasons why I’m writing this review.

Once you get the ABM066 working in VIA, which can be a task in itself, you can easily customize everything without any problems. 😎
You can also adjust the small LCD screen on the ABM066 with separate software.

Ghost Inputs

What I’m about to describe may be due to my own mistake in choosing switches or perhaps USB problems.
If this turns out to be the case after more testing, I’ll remove or modify this section.

Since a week after using the ABM066, I’ve noticed that some keys, such as “A” and “W,” tend to ghost significantly.
If I press one of these keys at least 200 times, I get at least 2 extra keystrokes.
This is particularly annoying when I’m programming or entering passwords.
It seems to manifest only on certain keys, not all of them.

Build and Appearance

The appearance of the ABM066 is not bad; in fact, I find it to be the most beautiful Alice-layout keyboard I’ve come across so far.
Furthermore, the ABM066 is entirely made of plastic on the outside, which I appreciate, especially since I have issues with metal surfaces.
Paired with the EPOMAKER PurrCaps I use, it looks super cute overall.


I enjoy “hacking” devices, and that is made challenging because the ABM066 is not open-source.
However, beyond this, it’s a fantastic and very comfortable keyboard, and for the price, it’s truly recommended if you don’t have issues with the aforementioned problem.

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